Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bennett at 10 Months

My precious Bennie Bear is 10 months old!!! He is the most wonderful,now very active, sweet, smart, lovable, cuddly bear. He is 22 pounds and crawling everywhere and very, very fast. He straightens his legs like he is going to stand, or do downward dog. He is pulling up on drawers, stairs, you name it. Also, he is getting much more vocal. He is turning into quite the copycat. It's really pretty funny how he mimics, and on command too. I really need to tape it. He is so so bright, and sweet and I adore every second with him and every squishable, pinchable ounce of him. I swear he is going to be my bear forever. A true Momma's boy. Watch out future daughter-in-law. :) The pictures are getting harder to take, since he can escape now. Last Roll - 153 Last Roll - 155 Last Roll - 156 Last Roll - 157 Last Roll - 158

Monday, November 12, 2012

House Updates for Fall

Well before I put away all the Fall decor and trim my house in evergreens and holly, I thought I would share with you some of my Fall updates. I've also changed up some rooms in the home by pretty much shopping from other rooms. I will totally be decking my halls in exactly 11 days! Can't wait!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! Oh, and Bear turned 10 months yesterday! I will have his 10 month post up next! Last Roll - 143 Last Roll - 145 My Pottery Barn fur throw from Craig's list!! Last Roll - 140 Last Roll - 141 It's the coziest blanket ever! Last Roll - 142 Last Roll - 144 Story time and hot chocolate Last Roll - 146 Last Roll - 147 Our Princess room with a few more accessories Last Roll - 148 Last Roll - 151 Last Roll - 149 Last Roll - 150 Last Roll - 152 Not much changed in my room, but I finally got a 3rd Euro pillow! This was kind of a joke between TJ and I. Also, switched lamps around again so my lamps match! Lastly, I may have swiped the two white pillows in front from the Princess room. :) Last Roll - 159 Last Roll - 160

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little Happy Halloween!

I know we are a week late, and onto the next holiday but I had to share these. Miss Grace was the most beautiful (and sparkly) Cinderella I have ever seen, and Mr. Bennett was the most adorable pumpkin. The kids were so excited and Grace had so much fun handing out candy to the trick or treaters. We did go to a few houses on our street, but I honestly think she had more fun giving out the candy... Bennett's pumpkin costume is the same one Grace wore Halloween 2010 (she was 13 months old), and the same one T.J., Greg, Will and Alex all wore. So special... The Cinderella costume I purchased at a church consignment sale, and then completely made over. I took off the plastic Cinderella head/button, the three giant silver bows, changed the skirt, the sleeves, added all the white tulle and covered it in Martha Stewart glitter. I used spray adhesive but Cinderella did leave a glittery trail behind her this Halloween. 2 3 She also wore a pink tutu underneath so it would be extra puffy. :) 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 We had some friends over for some chilli and witch's brew. My last minute Halloween decorations turned out somewhat cute, I do think. :) 1