Friday, September 28, 2012

Let's Set Sail on The Little Sea, Grace Taylor Turned 3!

Well, it is true... Our sweet little first born angel turned 3 September 15th. I can hardly believe she's been with us for three years, but at the same time I can not remember life without her. I am so proud to be her Momma and love her more than I knew was possible. Ok, enough gushy stuff, and onto the fun. This year we did a little party for her, well I guess a big, Little party. :) It really was a lot of fun for me, and I know she enjoyed it. The next day she said, "I really, really want to turn free again." Made all my hard work worth it! Oh, and I'm sorry but I will go ahead and warn you that there will probably be several posts on this topic, and several pictures to go along with it. :) I must say I initially struggled to come up with a theme since we would have boys and girls ranging from 8 months to 6 years. Grace had a new idea everyday so I was clueless to what she really wanted. It wasn't until I saw these adorable outfits on clearance that I got the idea for our fun theme! The darling outfits were too cute to pass up, so I decided to go with a nautical sailing theme, and a girly version of course! It's still pretty warm here in September so we were able to use a blow up pool and keep most of all the chaos fun outside. :) Here she is waking up on her birthday to a room filled with balloons. A pinterest idea I knew I had to do! Library - 19481 Our peanuts in there sweet little outfits that inspired it all. Library - 19620 Library - 19616 Library - 19623 A little "photo booth" Library - 19474 Testing it out with some very adorable models Library - 19477 Library - 19480 Library - 19473 Library - 19495 Library - 19487 Library - 19489 Library - 19496 This "Sailboat" was almost the death of me! Library - 19497 Library - 19502 Library - 19492 Library - 19505 1 2 3 More to follow, I promise!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Proverbs 22:6

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." This past Sunday we dedicated Grace Taylor and Bennett at our church. It was truly special and I am so very thankful for my two gifts. Thank you. Thank you. Library - 19678 Library - 19675 Library - 19669 Library - 19662 Library - 19663 Library - 19664 Library - 19666 Library - 19650

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bennett at 8 Months

Ahhhh 8 months!! Still in denial over here... It's hard to believe he will be crawling soon. Actually really soon. Everytime I sit him up he lunges forward on all fours. He is still easiest, best baby I've ever seen. No teeth yet, which I prefer for many reasons. ;) He is 20 pounds exactly and still our little meatball! 1 We've got another milestone coming up. Grace Taylor turned 3 last Saturday. We had a lovely party for her and she had so much fun.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Palm Beach Trip 2012

This year we were lucky to cruise down to Palm Beach Shores for a week with the one and only Bennie Bear! Grace Taylor stayed with Lolly and Pop (TJ's parents). She had a blast and was the sweetest girl when we picked her up. We decided then, that if we are blessed with more children we will always take them on a trip by themselves. It was so valuable for us to spend the one on one time with little Bennett. I know he enjoyed the undivided attention too. I will start with this one because he is so stinking cute! Library - 18972 We arrived the same time as Hurricane Isaac :) Library - 18866 Trying not to blow away Library - 18864 He enjoyed dinners out Library - 18859 We even took the lil one to a movie Library - 18869 He must have liked "The Odd life of Timothy Green" because he stayed awake the whole time. Library - 18871 We played inside for the first few days, but Bear didn't mind Library - 18874 Finally the Sun came out! Library - 18885 Library - 18886 Played a little golf Library - 18896 Napped on the beach Library - 18906 Library - 18909 My sweet boy! Library - 18917 Library - 18920 Peek a boo Library - 18926 Prettiest spot in town Library - 18934 Library - 18936 My two favorite boys! Library - 18937 Us at the Breakers Library - 18948 Library - 18944 Love this one of Bear Library - 18950 How cute is he? Library - 18954 I think he had fun with us Library - 18983 Library - 18985 Love you Bennie boo boo bear. Library - 19002 Library - 18994