Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bennett's Nursery

Baby Bennett's nursery is coming right along. Now that I know Little baby is a little He I can finish it off! I'm not quite sure what to put over the crib yet. I could do his name, or a couple big frames, or maybe make a pennant out of the fabrics in the room... I'm also considering a bench that I can cover in the zebra linen fabric to put when you walk in on the left wall... Oh, there is a tall skinny bookshelf that is in the corner to the left of his crib. It's really starting to come together and I have to admit I kind of love it!

The view when you walk in
Library - 14678
Any ideas for over the crib?
Library - 14675
I love this fabric!!
Library - 14676
His changing station
Library - 14679
A closer look
Library - 14680

This room was done on a total budget too!
I used all of Grace's furniture
Paint Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue (used 40% coupon)
Bedding Pottery Barn Kids (used 10% off coupon)
Fabric my splurge, but I bought wholesale through Decorative Fabrics Direct ($86/yd at fabric store, $34/yd wholesale) making it affordable!
Rug Made it! Bought a yard of $14 faux fur at Mary Jo's and cut it
Curtains Ikea Ritva curtains
Bamboo shades Overstock

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mr. Bennett Arrives!

Yesterday we brought Bennett Thomas home and it has been a dream ever since. He is such a wonderful baby. Content and quiet and very sleepy. He likes to eat only at night, and loves taking the world in very quietly. He is a perfect in every way...

Headed to the Hospital, Bye family of three
Library - 13990
Me and My son :)
Library - 13999
1st Introduction
Library - 14015
Big Sister Grace
Library - 14021
Uncle Greg and Baby Bennett
Library - 14024
Lolly and Baby Bennett
Library - 14027
Pops and Baby Bennett
Library - 14035
Aunt Ally and Baby Bennett
Library - 14029
Uncle Will and Baby Bennett
Library - 14056
Look at that sweet face!
Library - 14037
Could he be any cuter?!
Library - 14044
Teeny Feet
Library - 14053
Mr. Bennett
Library - 14067
Ready to take our prince home!
Library - 14074
We are home!
Library - 14086
Bennett's room
Library - 14096
Library - 14098
Snug in his cradle
Library - 14100
Giving kisses
Library - 14105
Library - 14107

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's A ...

BOY!!!!! Bennett Thomas arrived today at 3:27pm weighing 6 pounds, 14oz. He is perfect and wonderful in every way. We are so blessed and excited. Thank you Lord for another undeserved gift!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Whirlwind Christmas and a Pregnancy Update

Wheeew, the last 3 weeks have been quite a blur. On top of normal Christmas madness, we were given the "gift" that keeps on giving this year... A nasty stomach bug. It attacked 5 people, everyone but little Grace was hit with 8 hours of hugging the toilet. It was terrible! All I did was clean and pray, clean and pray for 2+ weeks. I felt terrible for my little brother and sister who were visiting from Hawaii. I tried so hard to keep germs away, but the stubborn little bug picked us all off one by one. We were fortunate that no one was sick Christmas day, and we were so fortunate T.J.'s parents kept little Grace. She had a ball at their house, and was able to stay healthy the whole time. Oh, and I am so very thankful I did not go into labor during any of this... Now, I feel at peace if the baby decides to come a little early. The Christmas decor is away, the car seat is cleaned, bags are packed and all is right. However, it would be nice if baby could hold out a few more days, since my help (T.J.'s family) is in Haiti until the 10th. I think we can make it, but it is a full moon on the 9th. :)

Oh, and another pregnancy update. I had an ultrasound Thursday to look at my fluid level and the baby's breathing and everything looks great! This is especially good news since now I do not have to be induced on the 11th, which was the plan earlier last week. For now, I am nesting and working on sweet baby Little's nursery. It is almost starting to sink in. :)

Some pics from a Christmas dinner at my Grandmother's, and Christmas Eve festivities.
My handsome brother and Grandma
Library - 13260
The Girls
Library - 13267
Not G's best pic, but isn't her outfit cute!?
Library - 13286
Opening first of many gifts
Library - 13290
A dancing Santa!
Library - 13293
On our way to Church
Library - 13296
Great Grandmothers and Granddaughters
Library - 13299
Relaxing at the Annual Christmas Eve Party
Library - 13302

More Christmas photos coming soon! Oh, and updates on our super cute gender neutral nursery!