Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blowing Rock Fall 2011

This year our trip was pretty low key. With App State homecoming taking over the town we pretty much kept it quiet. We walked to town for Kilwin's apple pie carmel apple which didn't last too long! Grilled out in Chetola and enjoyed lunch on a blanket outside, which was completely spontaneous and so much fun! We watched FSU win a football game, which has not been enough this season, and lastly went to bed early on the most comfortable beds ever! Very relaxing weekend...
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Feels like Fall Ya'll

I know I am way behind on the Fall post, but it just didn't seem quite like Fall until now. It really needs to be chilly out for me to get the whole season's effect! This past weekend certainly got me in the spirit as we headed to Blowing Rock where it typically does not disappoint with some cooler weather! It was awesome, Grace played and played and we enjoyed the brisk Mountain air and all it had to offer. Pics coming soon, but for now I thought I would sure our pumpkin pickin pics! Enjoy the season, it's my favorite!

Oh, and what a weekend... The Noles, the Deacs and the Panthers all with victories. :)

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

27 Weeks Pregnant!

This pregnancy continues to fly by! I feel pretty good, and am looking forward to meeting the little baby. So far, T.J. calls the baby "little guy" or "little fella" and is convinced it is a boy. I am still not sure, but had a dream it was a girl. Who knows?! Either way we are thrilled and can't wait to meet Little Baby. Here is a picture from this past Saturday. Congrats to our friends Kelly and Adam on their marriage!! Most beautiful wedding ever, not even kidding!!!
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Definitely looking pregnant these days!
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big Girl Room Inspiration

A lot of family and friends ask about how our nursery is coming along, and the truth is we haven't really even thought about it yet! There is too much decorating to be done in our empty house, that a room for someone who doesn't even live here yet just isn't on the top of our priority list. :) That being said I plan to do it next month and finish it once they are born so we can gendrify it! I am currently consumed with Grace Taylor's big girl room. There are so many cute ideas out there, and I have been collecting pics for inspiration or quite some time... All I know for sure is we will have 2 twin beds. I love how those rooms look, and I think they are super practical. If baby #2 is a girl then she could move right in if a Baby #3 comes into our future. Plus it will be an extra guest bed when my family comes.

We are picking out her big girl mattress this evening, and then I am attempting to make my own upholstered pair of twin beds!

I like the ones with an arch, and hope to find cute fabric for headboard and I will make a matching a bedskirt.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Living Room/Family Room/Great Room

I'm still not sure what to call this room, but it is the most used in the house, and still a work in progress... So here it is!
This is the view when you walk in the house. Dining room on right, and the "brown room" is on the left.
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A closer look
Library - 9524
The view from upstairs
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The view from the kitchen (I can cook, watch the game, and see my family)
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I rearrange these all of the time, it's hard work decorating a bookshelf!
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A look post move-in...
Carpet, old wood floors, mauve/lavender paint.
The baby on the floor's not bad though, we can keep her. :)