Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seabrook Trip with Kim and Conor

Last week marked my first playdate vacation! I will say it was a lot work, but a lot of fun as well! My friend Kim and her little man, Conor who is just 6 months old joined Grace and I for a little R&R at the beach. Grace made me so proud because she was the sweetest big helper with Baby Conor. She would kiss him, and nuzzle his little face and say, "no cry no cry bebe." I know she will be the best big sister ever to Little Baby.
Library - 7792
Library - 7787

Library - 7780

Library - 7771

Library - 7769

Library - 7766

Library - 7755

Library - 7749

Library - 7746

Library - 7742

Enjoy your day, it is beautiful here!

Monday, August 29, 2011

As Promised... The Seabrook Kitchen Reveal

This past week I went down to Seabrook with my good friend Kim and her precious baby, Conor. We had a wonderful time on our Mommy Beach trip and I will have photos to share tomorrow. As for now, I thought it necessary and exciting to show you our Seabrook beachy, light, bright, breezy kitchen! Keep in mind it's teeny tiny, so good photos were tricky.

I was dying to have a farmhouse sink and glass front cabinets. Thanks Ikea!
Library - 7778

Oh and a pretty faucet and glass knobs...
Library - 7777

I plan to get a bamboo woven shade for the window, and maybe a rug then she'll be complete!
Library - 7775

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Next up in the House Tour, "The Brown Room"

This poor room is totally having an identity crisis! When you walk in our front door the dining room is on the right and this room is on the left. There is no door it is completely open. There are built-in bookshelves so I was considering making a library/formal living room. If we have a dinner party people can spill over into this room after to catch up. I wanted it to look nicer than our family room, but not stuffy formal where kids are not allowed... I thought I would create the mood by painting a rich chocolate brown and that is where I am stuck. It too is not high on our priority list. The other problem is our movers were not able to get our desk upstairs so it sits in "The Brown room." Maybe it will be a den/library/formal living room...

Before we moved in

And currently

And my vision (sans the chairs on the wall)


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Dining Room

When we moved in, the dining room was bright red. This must have been quite popular 10 years ago when the neighborhood was built. I swear we saw a dozen red dining rooms! Anyways, I am a kind of a beige girl and wanted something a little more neutral. That way I can decorate the dining room for holidays and dinner parties without limiting my color palette. Although I may be a beige girl, I'm not a plain girl so I did neutral with some shimmer! I went with a metallic grasscloth and have no regrets!! It is beautiful and I'm so glad because that is pretty much it for the room right now. I did find a pretty table at Pottery Barn Outlet for a steal, but that's literally it for the room. Who knew chairs were so expensive!! It may be awhile for those...

Here she is before we moved in, in all her cherry red glory...
And here she is now in her metallic grasscloth goodness...
And here was my inspiration photo, ahhh I am lusting after these chairs. One day...
dining room
Here are my coveted chairs again, maybe I will go work pt at Restoration Hardware...
DR table and chairs
I plan on replacing their blinging gold chandelier too, I'm just not sure what I want yet. This one popped up on One Kings Lane yesterday, not bad...

That's it for now, and probably awhile. Not a room high on our list, but one day I believe it will be my favorite room in the house!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A House Update

My camera is out of commission... I have to order a new battery charger and I will be back in business! For now, I thought I would show some pics of the house. We have made so much progress, it's unbelievable! Something I was really looking forward to was a new stairway. When we moved in, there was a hunter green and gold runner going down the old wood floors. We had the entire downstairs refinished in a custom dark spice brown blend, and the old nasty regal runner was ripped out! See ya! We were left with a new beautiful refinished stairway, with unfinished risers. I took it upon myself to paint the risers our trim color (a creamy off-white). The final result, perfect!
Taping off...
1 coat primer, 2 coats semi-gloss paint and voila!

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Grace Taylor, & Baby #2 Update

Yesterday I had my 4 month check-up on Baby #2. The little one is doing great with a strong heartbeat of 150 and starting to move around a lot. I think I need to come up with a name for the little Little. We started calling it poppy seed originally since that was the supposed size according to my weekly Babycenter emails. Every night we say our prayers with Grace and we bless, Mommy, Daddy, Grace Taylor and the little poppy seed... It's cute but kind of long. The official ultrasound is next Friday where we could find out boy or girl... I am going to try to stay strong and hold out for my surprise, but it's not going to be easy. :)

Little Grace on the otherhand couldn't be cuter. She loves her baby dolls and Mimi (Minnie Mouse). It is so fun to watch her play. She gives them kisses and put them to "seep" (sleep). It's precious. She is quite the talker, and picks up more words every day. She is in a new phase now where she likes to dress herself, and pretty much do everything herself. "I do it." I know I always say it, but this really is my favorite age.

Look out little poppy seed, the bar is set pretty high. :)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finally a Seabrook Tour

This "Little" Villa has been two years in the making, and I am proud to say I love the way it turned out! The kitchen was the last and final project, and I think it is the jewel of the villa. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the finished product yet so you will have to tune back for that one. :)

Kitchen & Dining Room Before (Yuck and Yuck) The kitchen transformation really is amazing, I'm sorry to make you wait. ;)

Laundry Room After (no before pic, but it was certainly gross)

Downstairs Powder Room Before and After

Master Bathroom Before and After

Master Bedroom Loft Before and After

Living room Before and After

* Oh, and all the stuff you see in the before pictures came with the house. The previous owners left everything, and I mean everything!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the Little Villa by the Sea tour! She is available for rent at discounted rates through the remainder of 2011. Email me for more info!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Apologies & a Little Update

I'm sorry, I have to be the world's worst blogger! I've had so much to blog about and no time to do it! I know I promised a Seabrook update would be next, but I thought it important to update you on the Littles first. We have certainly been busy bees this Summer. Finishing our 2 year Searbook renovation, working on the townhouse (which has beautiful renters who will hopefully fall in love and buy it), and working on our new home little by little. If that wasn't enough, T.J. started a brand new job in a new industry, my sister came to stay for a month, we went on a 2 week road trip, and we are expecting Little #2! Ahhh, that felt nice to get it out in the open!! Little Baby #2 is due January 18th! We decided to be surprised this time on the gender so we will have the most wonderful surprise to look forward to! That's all for now, and next post will be our Seabrook before and after reveal!