Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our New Home!

It's official! After 1 year of searching, hundreds of houses, 5 different offers, hours of deliberating, and 3 1/2 months of negotiating... we have a new home!!! We closed Friday, and the deed was officially recorded yesterday. It has been a whirlwind of excitement ever since! There is an endless amount of work to do, but we are thrilled to begin this new chapter for the Little family. First thing first, the whole house was painted lavender which may be suitable for our 17 month old princess, but not the rest of us... Painters started Saturday and it is looking good. I have obsessed over paint for last 6 months, but went with my first choice. It's Benjamin Moore's Vapor Trails. Really beautiful neutral with a hint of sea foamy green-gray. It's going to look so good with our chocolate wood floors and crisp white molding. Can't wait!


I will be heading over tonight to paint the kitchen. We are going with a similar color but it is darker and reads more green blue to me. I think it will make our white cabinets pop!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Countdown to Closing!!

We are one week and one day away from closing!! We are so excited, stressed, overwhelmed, and filled with joy!! Last week I met with floor guys, and painters searching for the best deal. I am finding it so helpful to get multiple quotes since everyone seems willing to price match. Painters are lined up for Saturday, and then our floor guy is scheduled to begin on Thursday. It has been more stressful than I thought choosing paint colors. I thought I knew what I liked, but I am so scared to make a decision! Ahhh, thank goodness for paint decks, and google images! Once I bite the bullet and buy my paint I will post my final decision. I am really looking forward to seeing the hardwoods. Right now, there are hardwoods in the foyer, and kitchen which leaves carpet in the dining room (way weird), great room, and living room. Since it is an open floor plan it looks very strange and choppy. We are having hardwoods laid in the carpeted areas and then they will all be stained one color, dark. I love dark floors. I know they will be work, but soooooo worth it. It's funny as we get older what gets us excited. Stairs for instance. I can't wait to see my stair refinished!