Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pregnancy and Nursery Update

Yesterday marked 36 weeks! Baby Little will be here before we know it! Didn't mention this earlier, but I found out 6 weeks ago I have Gestational Diabetes. Didn't have it with Grace, and it is a shock to everyone, nonetheless I do have it... Normally, moms with G diabetes produce some pretty large babies so I had an ultrasound yesterday to check on the size. Well, Little baby is, well little... Maybe too little. They will check again next week, but I am told not to worry. I feel like Doctors do that a lot. They tell you something, explain worst case scenario and then say, "not to worry." I am left feeling like I can't do anything right. I'm trying not to worry and to soley rely on God's plan and protection.

On a lighter note, I started working on the nursery. We are using all of G's furniture, room is painted and the bedding is washed and looking good. Other than that, everything is just an idea for now but I am getting kind of excited. Gender neutral nurseries are quite difficult, especially if you aren't a lover of baby ducks and frogs. Here are some sneak peeks of what I have in mind for baby Little.

Wall color: Sherwin Williams "Hinting Blue"

PB Kids pique nursery bedding in light blue

Fabric: Duralee Zebra linen

I also have pretty white linen drapes, bamboo roman shades, a crystal lamp, and I'm thinking elephants... I know it seems a little boyish, but don't worry I know how to froof it up if another little princess comes our way!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Home Tour

Here are a few pics of our home decorated for Christmas this year. I had a lot of fun decorating, and was especially excited for our big 12 foot tree! I think all those year going to the Nutcracker created a huge tree lover out of me. I may or may not have chose our house based on ceiling height. ;)
Come on in!
Library - 12672
My DIY pottery barn wreaths! total cost $12 a piece!
Library - 12669
Ahhh, our big glorious tree!
Library - 12670
Grace's view
Library - 12034
My little helper
Library - 12673
Our dining room, with new chairs and rug!
Library - 12681
Another view
Library - 12689
Closer look at chairs, these were a steal on Overstock!
Library - 12688
Table in kitchen
Library - 12683
Library - 12676
Library - 12679
And another wreath
Library - 12686
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

35 weeks

Wow, I can not believe this pregnancy is wrapping up. It is amazing to me and hasn't quite hit me that a new baby son or daughter will be here in about a month's time. I am quite excited, but with a little more apprehension this time around. I really wasn't nervous at all before Grace was born. I am just as thrilled this time around, but knowing that I will have to tend to this baby who needs attention around the clock and tend to Grace has me a little worried. I just need to remind myself that women do it all the time, and it will be hard but more importantly - rewarding! I feel really good, and am sleeping great. It's definitely getting tougher to tote G around and bend over to clean, but all in all not bad. Can not believe Christmas is almost here! I will post pics of the house tomorrow. I love, love, love this time of year and wish it didn't go by so fast. I have a feeling if this baby debuts early, my decor may be up at Easter!
35 + 1 day pregnant :) Every day counts
Library - 12703

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A little more Blowing Rock

I realize I am very spoiled, and blessed to have a wonderful Uncle who allows us to go to his amazing condo as often as we like. This year marked 5 years we have gone this same very weekend. It is always an amazing time, the condo looks like a magizine all done up for Christmas and the little town of Blowing Rock is straight out of a Christmas movie. Thank you Uncle Bill for your continued generousity!
Grace and Freddie at Woody's BBQ
Library - 12100
Michelle and Freddie
Library - 12102
Grace and Daddy (Did someone get a cute new haircut!?)
Library - 12103
Library - 12088
Library - 12090
Library - 12092
Library - 12093
What did they get? Matching jammies of course!
Library - 12106
Library - 12112
Library - 12110
Library - 12115
Library - 12131
Library - 12127
Library - 12132

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Birthday Recap

So T.J. turned the big 3-0 last week. We went out to a nice dinner just the two of us, and I told him I got him something small that was on it's way... Friday rolls around and we are planning on leaving for Blowing Rock for our 5th annual trip to kick off Christmas. Secretly I planned a little surprise dinner party at our house with some very special guests. T.J.'s BFF from Wake Forest moved to Buffalo, a couple of years ago and T.J. has never been the same. Well, that is a little dramatic, but we were both sad to see he and his wife leave. So, when it came to Mr. Little's milestone birthday I figured I would try to get his BFF's family to come down and go to Blowing Rock with us, and to my delight and surprise they did! It was a wonderful surprise for T.J. and and we all had a wonderful weekend together. There 1 year old soon, Freddie was the cutest thing ever and kept Grace company! Thank you Lapples for being the great people you are!

Library - 12051
The Family before birthday dinner
Library - 12055
Decorating for the dinner party
Library - 12059
Library - 12060
Library - 12061
Coming in the back door, Surprise!!!
Library - 12067
Library - 12075
Library - 12070
Library - 12072
Tomorrow I will post pics from Blowing Rock. Grace and Freddie are to die for. Adorable!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday

Happy 30th Birthday to the most wonderful man, husband and father I know. We are blessed to know you and look forward to your next 30 years!! Love you. XOXO

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grace is officially a big girl!

Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks that our little peanut has slept in her new big girl room in her new big girl bed! Turns out we should have done this months ago! Now my 25 month old finally sleeps through the night and consistently too! It has been the best (and easiest) thing we have ever done! Oh, and her room is quickly turning into my favorite room in the house. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen! The picture below is from two weeks ago so it is not at all how it looks now. Pics coming soon, as soon as I can finish the bedskirts!

This may be a sad moment for some moms considering their first born no longer needs a crib and is really not a baby anymore, but seriously, 2 weeks of great sleeping! This makes for a very happy Little house!

Library - 11457

Library - 11456

And this one because she looks to cute!

Library - 10949

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

This Halloween was wondeful! It was our first Halloween in our new house and for the first time we had trick or treaters. Lots and lots! I had to send T.J. out to get more candy before 6:00. We had some good friends come over with their little babies and us Moms took the kiddos to a couple houses, while the dads gave out candy. It was pretty fun, and I have to say my little peanut looked beyond adorable in her Tweety Bird costume! She was the cutest! I know I am bias, but look at that face!

Library - 11492

Library - 11497

Library - 11490

Library - 11487

Library - 11503

Library - 11510

Library - 11509

The weekend before Halloween we took her to a little Halloween party on our street, and to a carnival at the church. She dressed as Minnie "Mimi" and had a lot of fun!

Library - 11469

Library - 11465

Library - 11464