Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tired of being Pregnant!

So I hear it is completely normal to be excited and anxious at this time.  I can  finally see the light at the end of this 9 month long tunnel!  I am definitely battling anxiety some, and oozing with excitement at other times, but for now I am just plain tired of being pregnant!  I can't complain to much, because I know that I have had a pretty easy pregnancy, but seriously being this big in this heat has finally worn on me!  I am so ready for fall, and so ready to lose this baby weight!!  It's all I can do not to look at thin girls and turn green with envy.  I saw this cartoon the other day and did find it pretty funny, because I can  totally relate!  Thought I would share.

Monday, August 24, 2009

So Thankful

This past Saturday my friend Claire came into town, to visit and for my baby shower.  The shower was so much fun!  It was so nice to see my friends and family come and show support for this new baby.  I am getting less nervous, and more excited again.  I am sure this will change as the day approaches, but being showered with adorable little things for this new baby girl really helped ease my anxiety.  T.J.'s work also put together a shower for us which was so incredibly nice of them.  We had delicious cake, received wonderful gifts (such as diapers and butt paste) and several ladies shared comforting stories.  I know I can get through this, and having such amazing support from everyone has helped, and made the whole experience incredibly enjoyable! 
Thanks to Susan, Cindy, Cornelia, and Beth for throwing the best shower!
Thanks to Claire for coming down to visit, catching up, and being the best shower scribe ever!
Thanks to T.J.'s office for putting together such a wonderful shower and showing T.J. support!
And thank you to the best husband in the world for being such a wonderful "support person"!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Panic Attack

So as I approach my due date, I am starting to realize that I am in fact, having a baby.  I thought putting the crib together or buying a car seat would help the reality of my situation sink in.  But no, it wasn't until my last night of childbirth class that I realized this is going to happen... 
I was hoping that by the time it was my turn to have a baby, they would have figured out a new way for labor.  Not so much.   I know, I know women have been doing this for years but I am still new to it.   I don't fear pain, I don't fear the unknown.  What I fear is much, much worse...  Poohing on the table of course!  Seriously.  I really didn't know it was so common, and apparently I am told it's the least of your worries, which means there is much much more they are not telling me.  
Well, I have 3 weeks left and baby Little and I have been having talks.  Normal heart to hearts.  I asked her to please make her debut before September 1st (kindergarten cutoff 8/31),  please not be as big as mommy (8lbs, 10oz), please don't come out wearing the beautiful cheese like coating, vermix, and last but not least, please be healthy, sweet, sleep a lot, and love hair bows!  

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nursery Project!!

Well, we are almost 5 weeks from the big day!!  I can hardly believe it!  We are starting to make preparations for our little one.  We have the crib together, the car seat purchased, and paint on the walls!  The nursery is starting to take shape, we spent several weekends painting and putting up chair rail and picture frame molding.  That was quite the project!  Thanks goodness for Tim's help.  T.J. and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into...  Now I'm tackling the crib bumper and dust ruffle.  I don't know what I was I thinking, trying to sew it myself.  I can hardly thread a machine!   Oh well, we shall see if it turns out! :)