Friday, April 24, 2009

It's a Girl!!!

We are just thrilled to welcome a little girl into this world, and can not wait to meet her! I ran out the minute we heard the news and bought a tiny pink dress with a matching bow! I can't wait! She is going to be so loved.

Well, with the good news came some other news... It is not necessarily bad, but uncertainty in a Doctor's voice always makes me anxious. At our appointment they were unable to get all of the measurements they needed so we came back for another look 2 weeks later. It seems as though our little daughter is quite the baby yoga buff and is always in an awkward position. This time they were able to get the head measurements, but not a good look at her heart. They were able to see somethings, and they think they may have spotted a tiny hole. This is apparently not a big deal since most of them close before birth. We will go again in 5 weeks to take another peak just to be sure. Still, it makes me nervous, so we welcome your prayers.

I have more pictures, including a really cute one of her yawning. I guess the whole ultrasound thing is a bit boring to her! :)