Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

What a week it has been!!!  My family flew in from Hawaii last Saturday, and it has been non-stop ever since!  Grace Taylor's baptism, Grace Taylor as the Baby Jesus, Christmas Eve parties, Christmas day celebrations (both sides of the family), day after celebrations, birthday parties and more!  Many pictures to post and many things to clean up.  Overall it was the best Christmas to date, and I am so thankful for the best gift of all, Baby Jesus and my baby girl.  Rejoice and Merry Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Itty Bitty Memories

Here are some pictures that our friend took of Grace Taylor when she was only 2 weeks old.  I can't believe how tiny she was!  Where does the time go???

Monday, December 7, 2009

Trip to Blowing Rock

This past weekend our little family made the trip to Blowing Rock for our third annual trip to cut down our Christmas tree.  I am not kidding when I say this was the best trip ever!  Being from Florida, I am a big sucker for snow.  I am like a little child wishing, hoping, and praying for snow every year.  This year all of my snow dances paid off, and we found ourselves in a little bit of a snow storm.  What do you call that, a blizzard?!   It was quite amazing, but I found out that while snow is beautiful it can make for quite cold weather.  T.J. was wonderful, he walked around the tree farm holding Grace in her car seat (quite awkward, and quite heavy), while I was in charge of finding our tree.  It was harder than I thought, they really all look the same when covered in snow.  Finally my sweet husband had had enough, and yelled. "Kel, pick one!!!!"  So, I pointed to the one in front of me, "This one."  We had no idea what our tree looked like.  Luckily, when we got home last night and put it up, we looked at each other and said it was the prettiest tree yet!  Oh, and I forget to mention how wonderful little Grace Taylor was.  It was frigid outside, and she was awake the whole time, happy as can be.  I knew she loved all things Christmas!! 

Friday, December 4, 2009

To Pierce or Not to Pierce

That is the question!  My ears were pierced when I was a baby, as well as my sister's.  I think they look adorable on little baby girls, and I was thankful to have them done when I was young.  However, now the time has come and I am faced with the decision myself.  I always thought it would be an easy choice, but it seems far more difficult than I ever imagined.  Will it hurt her? Will she be mad at me?  Will people judge me?  Hmmm...  I guess I still have a lot to think about.

All is know is it sure would be nice for Baby Grace to have little twinkling studs in this Christmas!  Thoughts????

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sweetest Baby

I can't tell you how much I love this baby!!  I want to eat her up!! 

Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Day in Baltimore

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  This Thanksgiving I had so much to be thankful for, and it was made even more apparent over the holiday weekend.  My brother in law, Greg, is spending 2 years in Baltimore working with Methodist churches helping serve the community.  He mostly deals with the poor, the elderly, and homeless.  I am so fortunate to have a wonderful family, a new healthy baby, loving husband, financial security and my faith in God.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!   

Oh, and Grace was wonderful!!  It took us over 9 hours to get there, she was such a trooper!  Also we walked around the inner harbor and it was freezing!! She slept the whole time.  We are so proud of our little traveler! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We are off to Baltimore!  Eight hours in the car together with baby Grace and Tini in tow.  Wish us luck!! Hope everyones has a Happy Thanksgiving!! Here is a picture of Grace Taylor all suited up and ready for the North.  She even has her "boots with the fur." :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mommy and Me

Being a mother is the most wonderful thing in the world.  I am so lucky for the precious gift God has blessed me with.  The word "Grace" means many things, but one of my favorite definitions is undeserving gift.  That is exactly what my Grace is to me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you God for my undeserved gift.  
Being a mother has been the most joyful time of my life, but with this joy comes a little bit of sadness.  I miss my own mother more than words can describe.  I have missed her for eight years, but now especially.  I want so badly to share Grace with her,  and I wish so badly that Grace could have know the woman she was.  I hope to be half the mom she was to me.   

Monday, November 16, 2009

Grace Taylor at 2 Months

2 Months 
Height: 23 inches in 75%
Weight: 10lbs, 12 oz in 50%
Head Circumference:  in 75%

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Few of My Favorite Things

Probably the thing Grace Taylor most enjoys is her time in the bath tub.  She absolutely loves it.  We have an infant tub (thanks to T.J.'s office) that has a mesh slide that fits right inside it.  She lays comfortably on the slide and kicks her feet smiling away.  She could stay in there for hours.  Sometimes when she is a little fussy I stick her right in the bath, and  all of her little troubles melt away.  Other things she enjoys are naps in her car seat, sucking on her hands, the sound of running water, and for some odd reason, the little gadget that sucks out her nose boogies.  She thinks it is hysterical.  It is the only thing that consistently brings a smile to her face.  Funny child. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

It was a beautiful weekend.  We spent Friday night carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds.  I made homemade taco soup, and we watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."  We also had so much fun dressing Grace Taylor up in her little lady bug costume.  She was too too cute!  

Monday, October 26, 2009

Seabrook Beach Trip

Grace made her first ever trip to the beach two weekends ago.  Us girls drove down Friday night, and she is a wonderful little traveler!  She slept the whole drive down and the whole way home!  I am not surprised she is a beach girl, it does run in our family.  Here are a couple pics from our walk.  It was a little cool, so we weren't taking any chances.  Little Grace was all bundled up and donned her adorable new hat.  Thanks Carly!  Oh and we can't forget, her futures so bright she's gotta wear shades ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

This past Friday we dressed little Grace in her pumpkin outfit and headed to the patch.  It was so fun, and she throughly enjoyed it.  We picked two large pumpkins, a shorter rounder one and a nice  tall one.  We also grabbed some pretty yellow mums for the front of our house.  We also did a little photo shoot, since it was her first trip!  I can't wait for Halloween this year.  We have no plans at all, but Grace Taylor has the cutest Halloween costume.  I made it before she was born, just another thing trying to keep myself distracted.  Well, if only we had something to do!  I guess I will get to work on that! :) 

P.S. The Panthers finally won and I will say Grace was not wearing her Panther onesie.  And, I will add that the Dodgers are moving forward in the playoffs.  All is good in the Little family's sports world, except for the seriously disappointing Seminoles...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Grace Taylor, the sports fan

Well, it is that time of year!!  The smell of charcoal is in the air, the leaves are starting to change, and we are pulling out our sweatshirts!  It's fall, and more importantly it is football season!  This year I prepared for the much anticipated Florida State season  by making sure the littlest member of our family had something Garnet & Gold to wear.  I thought she would surely be the Seminoles good luck charm taking them to many victories, maybe even the National Championship.  But it is now after 3 losses I have retired Grace Taylor's FSU onesie and have contemplated trading it in for a Tim Tebow jersey!  Just kidding, over my dead body will my pretty princess ever wear the heinous combination of blue and orange!!  
With that being said it not just the Seminoles, the Panthers are off to a terrible start and have been a complete disappointment!  Now of course, I have Grace Taylor dressed in her Panthers outfit every Sunday and they are 0-3 with no signs of improvement. 

Now my only question is should little Grace wear her LA Dodgers onesie for the playoffs???

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our First Photo Shoot!

 I am so excited!  We have a photographer friend coming over this weekend to take pictures of Grace Taylor!  I was looking at baby photography pics online and felt inspired to do our own little photo shoot.  These are the best ones (notice they are all when she was asleep).  I also added a couple from when I woke her up.  Needless to say, they did not turn out as well, but  they are still cute enough to share!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grace Taylor Maureen

Grace Taylor Maureen made her debut on September 15th at 1:19 pm.  She weighed in at 7.2 pounds, and is 19 inches long.  She is absolutely perfect and we couldn't be happier!  Monday night I was trying to get to sleep and I felt the contractions around 2:00 am, I waited to wake up T.J. to make sure it was the real thing.  I woke up T.J. around 3:15, and we left for the  hospital at 3:45.  Once we got to the hospital they had me walk the halls for 30 minutes and then checked me to confirm that labor was progressing.  After we were admitted to a room around 7:30 am. I got the epidural and we waited.  I started pushing around 12:45 and she was born at 1:19 pm.  All in all it was a wonderful labor experience, and well worth the prize!